"Mike is pretty funny, However His best quality is being emotionally challenged"




Mike Lester is a wizard without any powers except comedy. When Mike was 13, he was dropped into the same vat of chemicals that created the Joker. Instead of a life or crime and murder, however, Mike picked up a microphone to exercise his many demons and to let audiences in on the twisted, warped reality he calls home. Sometimes dark, sometimes goofy, always blisteringly funny, Lester never fails to leave audiences reeling with his pointed rants on romance, pugs, and family dynamics. You will simultaneously want to adopt him, leave him at a train Station, And adopt him again when you catch your breath from laughing.

Don't miss your chance to see this demented comedy prodigy that has worked with, and received rave reviews from, some of the biggest names in stand up, and all before he can legally rent a car. Aside from working all the major clubs in the midwest, (Acme, Skyline Comedy Cafe, etc) Lester is beginning to bring his unique brand of humor to the coasts and it's only a matter of time before this lanky comic wizard winds up on your television. 

To book Mike, contact him at mikelester.humor@gmail.com, and buckle up for a night of no-holds-barred comedy sure to entertain you and your therapist alike.


Mike has worked and shared the stage with such comics as Dana Gould, Nick Swardson, Andy Kindler, Arj Barker, Henry Phillips, Tommy Johnagin, Mick Foley, Matt Braunger, Al Jackson, Jon Dore, Bobby Slayton, Bengt Washburn, Chad Daniels, Chris Porter, David Huntsberger, Sean Patton, Roy Wood jr, Tracey Ashley, Hannibal Buress, Dave Mordal, Mo Mandel, Ryan Hamilton, Josh Sneed, Danny Bevins, Wendy Liebman, Phil Palisoul, Maggie Faris, Laurie Kilmartin, Patrick Keane, Isaac Witty, Jim McCue, Kjell Bjorgen, Emily Galati, Darlene Westgor, Cy Amundson and more!


Mike was recently named one of "5 Minnesota Comedians to Watch in 2015" by Growler Magazine. Read the article below...

5 Minnesota Comedians to Watch in 2015

5 Minnesota Comedians to Watch in 2015

Mike plays the role of "BroBot" for Sonobi (more info-> http://sonobi.com/)